• Best All Time Hollywood Movies

    Movies can be beautiful, intriguing, inspiring, scary and hilarious. If you are someone who loves watching movies, then here is the list of some of the greatest all-time Hollywood hits that you should and must watch and free hd movie downloads.

    Days of Heaven: Director: Terrance Malick Protagonist: Richard Gere

    An angry farm labor is on a quest to claim his boss’s property. But how is he going to do it? He pursues the woman whom he loves to get married to his boss. Apart from the plot what entices more is the vast landscaping, great camera work. The movie might lack the pace as far as narrative is concerned but surely it is a good watch.

    The Beach: Director Danny Protagonist: Boyle Leonardo DiCaprio:

    A curious guy visits Thailand and discovers a map that promises to lead him to a solitary island where bliss is the ultimate state of affair. As he sets out on his journey, he discovers intriguing facts, falls in love with a girl and discovers a beach that could be breathtaking. Perhaps, you have to watch it to discover the beauty of the movie. Do not forget to pay attention to the dialogue “parallel universe”

    Casablanca: Director: Michael Curtiz Protagonist: Humphrey Bogart

    If you want to watch some classics, then this should be your first pick. The movie was set against the backdrop of World War II. The Europeans who wanted to flee from German to America must come to Casablanca for the exit visa. An expatriate who runs the most famous and controversial nightclub finds himself entangled in a confusing situation when he learns that his ex-lover is in the town with her husband seeking refugee. And his lover thinks that he can help them. Can he? You have to watch it.

    Brave Heart: Director/Protagonist: Mel Gibson

    Sir William Wallace, a Scottish rebel raises war against English ruler Edward when he found that his wife was executed for assaulting an English soldier for trying to rape her. Was it only about the vengeance of his beloved wife or did it have other motifs? Of course, there were other motifs too. Watch it and you might get inspired by the idea of manhood that fights for glory, dignity and love.

    It’s a wonderful life: director: Frank Capra Protagonist: Jams Stuart

    The movie is fantastical. An angel shows up in a frustrated business man's life and tr shows him how life would have been had he not existed on the earth. This is a beautiful movie to discover the fact how miserable life seems at times. You must watch this classic to know life from a different perspective. This classic must be on your wish list.

    The mentioned movies are some of the best movies of all time. There are many more great english movies download for. Undoubtedly, it is not the final list. Note that some movies might surprise you. Do not get disheartened if you find a few of them are way too superb. That is true! You are going to enjoy all these movies. So, get them today and watch.

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